Nankana Sahib Public School

From Principal’s Desk

It gives me immense pleasure as I visualize a small plant in the form of this school which was planted years ago, now it has grown up in a big tree giving shelter and fruits in the form of education to many students who have come from villages. For whom it was very difficult to come to town to get the quality education. The sole purpose of this institution is to make the students selfless, fearless and having the capability of leadership. I know that students are Nation builders. If one student from my institution becomes a successful person and having the knowledge to demonstrate this nation properly only then I think I have achieved my target. Today, in the jet age, the time is speeding up.
CBSE has given us proper guidelines to win that goal. I assure you that by following these guidelines this institution will try to produce unique personalities in the society. The school also provides them a podium so that they can overcome any hurdle without hesitation. It is the endeavor of the school to provide them a genuine and moralistic education in a congenial environment.
This is the will of the God who has assigned me this job. I bow my head in front to “Him” to strengthen my power.
And at last I seek full cooperation and support from Parents and my Entire team.

HJS Sekhon
(M.A. Pol. Sci. M.J.M.C. B.Ed)